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sift: "To examine something thoroughly so as to isolate that which is important or useful."

A large contributor of our suffering comes from the mismatch between our expectations and reality. Together, we will compassionately evaluate your expectations as they pertain to the presenting circumstances, explore the honest limitations and capacities surrounding the current challenges, tend to your emotions and feelings that arise, and develop new beliefs/narratives that more effectively integrate expectations and reality.

       We *sift* through all the components of our lives so the
most useful and meaningful parts can emerge.
This is center of the therapeutic process.

Societal messages, Internal wiring and narratives, Families of origin patterns, and Theological beliefs all contribute to how we experiences the world around us and respond to life's joys and challenges. Therefore, exploring the facets of each of those structures helps tell your personal story. I view examining these structural messages as crucial to one’s mental and behavioral health. Walking alongside and collaborating with those willing to challenge the messages that are no longer serving their well-being is the heartbeat of my work.

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Religious Trauma, Spiritual Abuse, & Faith Deconstruction

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Adult ADHD Management

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