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Compassionately Bridging the Gap Between Expectations and Reality

When our ideas, hopes, and dreams do not end up bearing out in reality as we imagined, we often experience disappointment, pain, and grief. An additional layer of suffering can occur when we continue to hold tight to those original ideas in resistance to reality. The process of clearly identify your original beliefs on a topic, evaluating their present day merits, and developing new perspectives can be vulnerable. Even when complex emotions arise, I hold that process as an essential part of your overall well being and paramount to creating and maintaining healthy connections. You and I will compassionately work to close the distance between expectations and reality together.

In response to the practical needs that arise when we uncover unhelpful or harmful messages we have received, I work to tailor resources, in collaboration with my clients, that can be used as tools to walk through those complexities and to meet their goals. 

Listed below are the areas I find most important to examine. I'd love to work with you if you find yourself challenging any messages you inherited from each structure.

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